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Subscribers’ views on Parsiana/the community as expressed on the subscription renewal form are published. Unless another name is affixed to the remarks, Parsiana assumes they are written by the subscriber. Layout of photographs/captions needs a makeover.                                                                      MEHER J. BANAJI Please, less of community politics, more on achievements.       KAIKOBAD S. ITALIA Calcutta As a publication the important thing is to be unbiased and not propagate but report news as it is. I hope you maintain that as a magazine. Thank you.    FEROZE R. KATILA Look forward to reading many more interesting articles; would appreciate a cartoon or joke and quiz or crossword — to activate the brain cells! ZARINE N. KHAMBATTA Parsiana, the semi-monthly magazine is awaited for its balanced, informative articles and community news from around the world of the Zoroastrian diaspora. Bravo! Keep up the good publication! I particularly enjoy Berjis Desai’s portrayals of vintage Parsis.                                                  YAZDI H. MALU I am always happy to read Parsiana’s balanced views and editorials along with humorous articles by Berjis Desai, my all-time favorite columnist! His articles on "Unforgettable Bawas” are excellent! THRITY MISTRY Liberal minded; human first, Parsi later.                        ADIL S. NARGOLWALA Gurgaon Informative and interesting reading about the Parsi community.                                                  FARAH NARIMAN  ...

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