The fighter

We shall call her Hilla Ghadially, though her real name was quite catchy. Her unusual surname was derived from a minor city in the Philippines (resist googling, it is not relevant). She must be cursing us from some astral plane for not revealing her name, as she was quite proud of her life story. Her birth had horrified her lower middle class parents staying somewhere near Baria Vad which, compared to the snooty Seervai Vad, was a bit déclassé. Today she would be called an intersex person. Pre World War I, she was called names which are unprintable. Had Hilla......

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As usual, Berjis Desai at his very best. In these difficult and unprecedented times, there is always that scramble to get hold of Parsiana, for the next Navsari tales, imagine on line!
- Mrs Faram E Irani
- 07-Oct-2020