“Embarrassing but true”

On the pretext of the pandemic, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet elections have been repeatedly postponed by the majority trustees
Farrokh Jijina

The imbroglio over the date of holding of trusteeship elections to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) got murkier, with minority trustees Noshir Dadrawala and Kersi Randeria publicly decrying yet another postponement of the election date by the majority trustees, Armaity Tirandaz, Viraf Mehta and Xerxes Dastur. "I was ignored and outvoted… Embarrassing but true,” noted Randeria on August 4, 2021 after a meeting of the apex body that "overturned the unanimous resolution passed by all five trustees exactly two weeks ago of holding the (trusteeship) elections on October 17” (see "BPP October elections,” Events and Personalities, Parsiana, August 7-20, 2021). ......

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