“Cease being a Mahatma”

Despite being part of Mohandas Gandhi’s coterie, little is known of the later life of fearless satyagrahi Khurshed Naoroji
Farrokh Jijina

How did soprano Khurshed Naoroji (1894-1966?), known for her performances in Bombay of Puccini’s arias and dance performances based on Indian classical themes, go on to become a trusted lieutenant of Mohandas Gandhi? A granddaughter of politician and liberal thinker Dr Dadabhai Naoroji, she "picketed liquor shops; preached Hindu-Muslim unity; spun khadi” in the years leading up to Independence, stated Dr Dinyar Patel, assistant professor of history at the University of South Carolina. "Not much is known about her later life… It is ironic that a woman Gandhi promoted is forgotten today,” he rued. Titled "Remembering a Forgotten Gandhian: Khurshedben......

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