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“Religiously relevant”

Yezdyar Kaoosji’s thought-provoking and reflective piece ("Religiously relevant,” Parsiana, August 7-20, 2023) about most Parsis having no clue about what priests are praying during religious rituals echoes my own experiences. He  is very correct that we don’t have a dharam guru (religious teacher) approach. I wonder, though, how much spiritual succor we lay people actually seek? Are we spiritually lost and bereft or just unbothered, save for small flashes of piety, self-pity or joy when a loved one or a family friend shuffles off this mortal coil, gets married, etc?         Zoroastrians paying obeisance to the waters on mah Avan, roz Avan  Photo: Adil Jussawalla           The suggestions that Kaoosji outlines are sensible — especially that of having non-ordained, non-Zoroastrian scholars enlighten us. I do hope his proposals get traction from members of our community who are actually willing to step up and make a difference with some action.  KAIKOBAD B. MISTRY An excellent, well-articulated piece. RATI Y. KAPADIA  ...

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