Settlers in Simla - II

Whether in government service, the railways, in business, boarding schools or on summer holidays, many Parsis frequented the hill station
Rusi R. Sorabji

Opposite the Blessington Hotel in Simla was a narrow 150-yard long road tunnel passing under the Mall and the Ridge, skirting the haunted Band Stand. It connected the Hotel and rink side of the town to what was then called Lower Bazar, a street lined with shops: clothiers, dressmakers, photographers, military outfitters, jewelers (a name I remember was Hamilton and Company), Gaiety Theatre and another cinema. Going west along this road took one to the telegraph office and railway station. Going east and south took one to Chhota Simla, Bishop Cotton School (BCS), two breweries and the new cemetery. Though built by an English......

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