Cryptic clues

Sydney is in complete lockdown. One cannot visit relations and friends, nor can they visit anyone. No schools, no offices, no movies, no nothing. What can one do during such lockouts? Many turn to Zoom to communicate. I set my own cryptic clues. 1. I held out for an Asian capital (5 letters) 2. Immortal Indian leader is heading without e (6) 3. Wisely earn a legendary leg spinner (5) 4. Simply cook toy for a recent international event (5,8) 5. Carry on virulent infectious dilemma (6)                                KERSI MEHER-HOMJI Sydney, Australia Answers to cryptic clues 1. DELHI (an anagram of I held) 2. GANDHI (an anagram of heading but without e) 3. WARNE (an anagram of earn plus w) 4. TOKYO OLYMPICS (an anagram of simply cook toy) 5. COVID (using first letter of every word in the clue)  ...

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