Elusive Elise

Wadia by Rohit Trilokekar. Published in 2023 by 1889 Books Ltd, Unit A, 82 James Carter Road,   Mildenhall,   Suffolk,  UK,  IP28  7DE;   www.1889books.co.uk. Pp: 223. Price: Rs 599. Rohit Trilokekar’s (pictured) Wadia is a delightful novel. He portrays an eccentric Parsi, Rustom Wadia, who late in life suddenly wants to find his roots. This search, with two of his friends, is a compelling read, a very absorbing, perceptive and engaging outsider’s view on the Parsi community. Wadia is 71 years old and, like many Parsis, extremely passionate about Western classical music, especially Beethoven’s piano piece Für Elise. Though the music is beautiful,......

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