“Return To Roots revived”

While thanking you for the coverage "Return To Roots revived” (Zoroastrians Abroad, Parsiana, January 21-February 6, 2024) we wish to point out a mistake in the report. It is mentioned that a participant at the jashan on the sea was not wearing a prayer cap as was reported on WhatsApp. This mischievous allegation was started by someone after we posted pictures of the event on our social media channels. We were made aware of the same by friends and well-wishers. However, the allegation was not factual.  We are disappointed that Parsiana would carry such news culled from WhatsApp without giving Return To Roots a chance to clarify and explain. On every trip we make sure that we follow all religious practices and would never allow any of our participants to diverge from that. This includes respect being shown in all religious ceremonies.  Please publish this correction so that our friends, supporters, sponsors and donors are made aware of the facts.  ABAN MARKER-KABRAJI Chair, Zoroastrian Return To Roots ARZAN WADIA Program director, Zoroastrian Return To Roots arzan@wadias.in The editors reply: The zoomed-in high resolution image shared with us confirms the individual’s head was covered. Parsiana regrets the misrepresentation.  ...

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