Was one of the greatest Zoroastrian saints a Sufi?

If Zoroastrianism made saints, the First Dastur Meherji Rana and Dastur Jamshed Kukadaru would be near unanimous choices. However, suggest the name of their master, Dastur Azar Kaiwan Azar Gushasp, and eyebrows will be raised — and not only of the ultraorthodox. On the one hand, Kaiwan was the undisputed spiritual giant of the faith, but on the other hand he had undeniable Sufi linkages, to put it mildly. This creates a huge dilemma for the orthodox. As the perplexed nuns sang in The Sound of Music: How do you solve a problem like Maria? The French scholar, Henry Corbin, describes......

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What a wonderful tribe of tolerant individuals are the Parsis when it comes to worshiping Babas, Deities, Graves,attending Churches, praying and making offerings at Durgas, Saints, Deities and of course Sufi graves. It is an acknowledged fact that the number of Parsis worshiping at Durgas and Graves which number includes many priests is more than those visiting the fire temples or Udhwada. These same Parsis become very intolerant and extremist when it comes to accepting spouses who not Zoroastrian into the fold or allowing them to worship at fire temples. In many Parsis homes the image of the Prophet Zoroaster is missing but pictures of Babas, Graves, Saints, etc hang from the walls.
- Shapour B Badri
- 23-Jan-2022