Operation clean-up

Over two hot summer days a 16-member all-male team from Poona and Bombay cleaned the Poona Anjuman dakhma. "There were nine volunteers led by Cyrus Siganporia who was the project in charge from Bombay, and seven volunteers from Poona led by Cyrus Bacha,” stated Poona Parsi Panchayat (PPP) chairman Tehmasp Bharucha. "On behalf of PPP, the project was handled and coordinated by two of our trustees Bakhtiar Narielwala and Sarosh Mistry.” Bombay Doongerwadi manager Vistaspar Mehta assisted. Poona resident Mabrin Nanavatty provided meals for the volunteers. "WE-7 (the trustees of the Poona Parsi Panchayat) salute the dedication, sincerity and involvement......

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Can you describe what they did? Did they go into the dakhma and sweep the remnants of the cadavers into the central well? Did they rinse, wash, and sanitize the receptacles? Did they repair structural wear and tear on the aging building? How much time did they spend inside? What sanitary precautions did they take to protect themselves and did how did they clean up after they came out? What conditions did they find inside the structure? <br><br>Without such details, this news is not very informative.
- Yezdyar Kaoosji
- 25-Jun-2022


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