Yearning for yogurt

The launch of The White Moustache brought meaning and purpose to the lives of Homa and Goshtasb Dashtaki
Parinaz Gandhi

"In Iran, everybody knows everybody’s business and everybody helps everybody. Communal and seasonal living is the way of life. Two or three families come together to cook a meal. Everything is tedious and very laborious. The epicenter of it all is the kitchen. This ethos has influenced our production of yogurt,” stated New York based Homa Dashtaki, co-founder of the reputed yogurt company, The White Moustache. She takes pride in their yogurt and derivatives being "handmade, hand-strained, hand packed” to give a flavor and texture that stands apart.                Yogurt and whey produced by The White Moustache                Homa Dashtaki       Using......

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