Parsi Panorama

UNESCO Parzor’s program in Delhi showcased how the community’s culture, clothing and cuisine contributed to the tapestry of India
Kriti Bajaj

Walls were adorned with photographs depicting the religious ceremonies —  jashan and yasna, interiors of the Meherjirana Library and its manuscripts, scenes of people and palatial houses from field trips to Gujarat and the Deccan, the unique Tanka system of water harvesting and medical Hadvaid tradition, Parsi arts and crafts, as well as archival pictures from Parzor’s collection. Mannequins draped in majestic garas of every color and motif were artistically placed across the gallery in groupings, with captions explaining their cultural significance. Also on display were a kusti (sacred girdle) weaving loom, a glorious embroidered toran or door frame hanging,......

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