“Defining a Parsi”

This refers to "Defining a Parsi” (Books, Parsiana, August 7-20, 2022) on the launch of Prochi Mehta’s book Who is a Parsi? The book, which has inputs from eminent jurist Fali Nariman, should put all doubts to rest about the gender and racial equality propagated in the Gathas. The question arises about the pending litigation in the Supreme Court by the two ladies awaiting redressal of the unjust practices foisted on them because of an unjust century old judgment. The old adage comes to mind about justice delayed being justice denied. HOMI IRANI hjirani@gmail.com The editors reply: The two ladies whose matters are pending in the Supreme Court are Goolrookh Gupta and Sanaya Dalal.  ...

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