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Dwindling numbers

Parsis are concerned about our rapidly falling numbers in India and Pakistan. In India, the Jiyo Parsi project under Dr Shernaz Cama is doing a good job. However, she cannot perform a miracle by herself. We have to strengthen her hands. Healthy and reasonably well off Parsi couples should bear two children. In Pakistan, Byram Avari is doing a good job. However, he too cannot perform miracles on his own. The same prescription is suggested for the Parsis of Pakistan.  Very recently it was reported that "getting 10 Jewish men for prayers is a big task." The Jews in India number less......

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Mr. Behram Dastur, you have summarised the situation very accurately. The community needs to be educated about the issues and be empowered to debate the pros and cons of the senseless practices that have resulted in closing the doors of our institutions and disintegrating in the self-imposed solitary confinement! Our so-called leaders whose job is to be property managers have overstepped their mandate and now rule every aspect, including spiritual behavior of the community. Parsis have been indoctrinated by a false pride in racial purity and dogged attitude of misogyny, which are at the base of all the problems of numbers you have listed. We need to keep this issue on the forefront and keep challenging the so-called traditionalists. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
- Yezdyar Kaoosji
- 10-Apr-2019


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