For Dr Tehemton Udwadia

Dr Tehemton Udwadia (pictured), a born surgeon indeed/ There are few today of his creed./ A doctor who followed the Hippocratic oath/ Whether rich or poor equally treated both. A graduate of G. S. Medical College by right/ But as an honorary at J. J., he became a true GMCite./ His innovation in laparoscopic surgery brought him fame/ The Padma Bhushan was then added to his name. Not only in surgery did he excel/ A good speaker and sportsman as well./ His love of golf was greatest above all/ Gave him pleasure most of all. Bravely fought the battle for his life/ But eventually had to give up the strife./ In heaven, in peace may he rest/ As on earth he always did what was best. Remembered in India he will always be/ As the father of laparoscopic surgery. Drs PILLOO and PARVEZ HAKIM  ...

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