BPP election matters

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) is deemed the apex body representing the Parsi Zoroastrian community in Bombay. The BPP, which was founded in the 1670s, is a charitable trust and the city’s largest private landlord controlling around 4,200 housing units meant for lower and middle class members of the community. It is also Bombay’s oldest and richest charity. The past glory of the BPP as the largest punchayet which considered itself the big brother of smaller ones has over the years lost credibility due to infighting and power play amongst the trustees, pushing the public trust into a deep financial cash crunch, using its corpus to pay outstanding salaries and other dues. Repeated delays in conducting the elections have been further complicated by making amendments to the election scheme before the Bombay High Court. As a concerned member of this proud community, I wish to put forth some pertinent questions which need to be addressed. Why does the BPP not hold an annual general meeting each year as the other anjumans and punchayets do? Why does the BPP not present its annual accounts and balance sheet before the community for adoption? Why are these not published in the Parsi Press?                           SAROSH BOKDAWALLA Poona saroshsb@hotmail.com  ...

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