A farewell to the hills

Sixth generation owners of Nowrojee & Son took a pragmatic though painful decision to sell their ancestral landmark property
Farrokh Jijina

It does hurt to let go....But one must see the larger picture... I know my late parents (Nauzer and Mani) will be very happy with our decision” to sell the property, Parvez Nowrojee told Parsiana on September 12, 2020. With his elder brother Kurush, Delhi-based Parvez wound up their 160-year-old store Nowrojee & Son, General Merchants in McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh (HP) earlier that month. It was "especially painful” for Parvez to see the signboard being removed from the store front. However, "our parents would be happy we got barkat (prosperity) from the property,” he said. He had recently completed "sorting......

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