The gift of the Gotlas

Katy and Noshir Gotla are utilizing their wealth to support worthy causes
Farrokh Jijina

They are serial donors, Katy and Noshir Gotla. Residents of Rustom Baug, the innocuous looking couple has donated several crore rupees to various community and cosmopolitan causes. At one time, Noshir states, he did not have Rs 2,000 to his name. "Hu bov garibi ma thi pasaar thayélo (I have experienced extreme poverty),” he told Parsiana on October 21, 2022, explaining that his wealth is a result of prudent investing. He says that he is the custodian of his wealth for the Almighty. "Étla badha paisa aavi gya stock market ma thi té saachavvana bhari paré (I earned so much......

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