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“Hail Houston”

Feroze Bhandara’s efforts to provide the Zarathushtis of Houston with a beautiful fire temple, the Bhandara Atash Kadeh, are indeed commendable (See "Hail Houston,” Zoroastrians Abroad, Parsiana, April 21-May 6, 2019). Zarathushtis will value it and find in it a place of peace and reflection. I am proud to state that Feroze is my uncle, my father’s much younger sibling. He has done not merely his family proud; all the Parsis of Pakistan feel the same way. One hopes the new generation of Zarathushtis will appreciate and understand the importance of keeping the fire alive for future generations. I feel disgusted and sad that some Parsis/Zarathusthis who have lived mostly outside the subcontinent should question the veracity/authenticity of our great Prophet and his teachings. Such people are either too modern or too educated or perhaps too westernized to be able to think like this! I cannot imagine people of other faiths challenging their messiahs. This is not the right attitude to exhibit before the young generation which is already drifting away from the Zarathushti fold.    ISPHANYAR BHANDARA Rawalpindi, Pakistan ...

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