The showman

A podgy Parsi played the accordion strapped round his neck. A familiar figure at Parsi weddings, he wished the packed audience a Happy New Year with his trademark Cheshire grin. His mini orchestra comprised of a bongo player, a pianist and a buxom swooner — all Catholics from Mazgaon. A short and squat man wearing a dark blue suit gently walked up to the Chicago Radio microphone at the other end of the stage and was warmly applauded. Strangers would have found it difficult to believe that he was the community’s greatest showman and one of India’s premier stage directors.......

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Very good description of Adi Marzban. I was fortunate to see many of his New Year shows. His star cast was very talented. He has carved a notch in our History.
- Marzban Ardeshir
- 14-Feb-2019