Athornan Institute is 100

The presence of chief guest industrialist Nadir Godrej at the Annual Day of the Dadar Athornan Institute (DAI) on December 22, 2018 "lent all the more significance, as he too belong(s) to a priestly family, and his sons (Ervads Burgess and Hormuzd) who (are) present, (are) ordained priests,” noted Athornan Mandal president Dastur Khurshed Dastoor. A write-up on the event at the Mancherji Joshi Hall, presided over by Dastoor, was sent to Parsiana by DAI principal Ervad (Dr) Ramiyar Karanjia.       Nadir Godrej (center) with Dastur Khurshed Dastoor (r) and   Ervad Cyrus Sidhwa (l) at the Dadar Athornan Institute’s......

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