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Subscribers’ views on Parsiana/the community as expressed on the subscription renewal form are published. Unless another name is affixed to the remarks, Parsiana assumes they are written by the subscriber. I have run out of words with which to praise you and your hard work to bring out this publication. It’s getting better by the fortnight. Please keep up the excellent show!                     Wg Cdr GEV D. BAMBOAT Secunderabad Very informative magazine on matters concerning the community. MARZBAN CAVAS BILLIMORIA Calcutta A must for all Parsis and Zoroastrians. Covers all geographic areas. Unbiased reporting. Appreciate the non-abusive language. Jiyo and carry on. Good luck! ALOO P. CAMA Poona Gives me information about the Parsi community. I circulate it to friends here in Geneva.               BEHRAM DINSHAW IRANI Geneva, Switzerland ...

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