"Be ‘close without being closed,’ is the succinct phrase of Delhi’s scholarly doyenne, (the late) Piloo Jungalwala.” Bachi Karkaria, columnist, The Times of India, August 4, 2022 "Even when I was struggling, money was never the sole criterion to take up work. One of the key reasons I worked on Jalwa (1987) is that we were being flown to Goa and till then I had never travelled in an aircraft.” Farah Khan, director, The Times of India, July 4, 2022 "My mother (Mehroo) used to tell us how... (Dr Rustam N. Cooper) tied his shoelaces on both shoes simultaneously by using one hand......

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A deeper review of rape statistics in the UK. (We can assume similar or worse trends in most nations.) "According to the charity 'Rape Crisis', only 1 in 100 rapes were reported to the police in 2021 and resulted in a charge. 5 in 6 women who are raped don't report it and the same is true for 4 in 5 men. ONS found the following figures for non-reporting; 40% said it was due to 'embarrassment'Jan 1, 2023."

Sexual Assault & Rape Statistics - 2023 UK Data
- Yezdyar Kaoosji
- 21-Feb-2023