Navjote nostalgia

Embarrassing memories of downing holy “water” during the nahn preceding the initiation ceremony
Tiana Pandole

I strategically waited in the corridor to pull Zane aside before he entered the living room where the family had gathered in anticipation. I patted his forehead and said, "Now, you remember everything that happens in the nahn, right?” He nodded enthusiastically. "First I have to recite Kem na Mazda. Then I have to do the kusti ceremony. Then I have to chew some leaves and spit them out on a plate. Then I have to take only one sip of the holy water. Then Mamma will bathe me in milk and then…” I abruptly seized Zane by the shoulders. "Now listen......

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A delightful read!
- Sunnu Golwalla
- 10-Mar-2022