Hotel Atithi

Titles and awards

We do recognize/ People for their/ Service to humanity/ Who silently/ Toil their fingers/ To the bone./ One amongst us/ Was Asho Zarathushtra/ Who carried the burden alone. He did His bidding/ According to Ahura Mazda/ Without titles, awards or accolades/ He didn’t get His picture taken/ (of course there were no cameras)/ With an award in His hands. It’s good to be recognized/ With a title awards or accolades/ As well a photo-op/ But then sitting on one’s laurels/ Dreaming pipe dreams/ Twiddling one’s thumbs/ With nothing else to do. I have devoted this poem/ For people who cannot/ And will not/ Bridge the gap of this/ Minuscule community/ Save Zoroastrianism from sinking/ Alas! Sitting in a rocking chair/ Ballooned with their ego as well pride/ Dividing this community like/ The San Andreas Fault. Glossy magazines as well as/ Articles on Zoroastrianism/ Including conferences and congresses/ Are doing nothing for the community/ Not even composing symphonies./ Instead, educate people/ Divest yourselves of/ Racism, discrimination, bigotry.                                 FARIDA BAMJI Ottawa, Canada  ...

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