Parsiana sources information for the Milestones column from various anjumans, hospitals, individuals, newsletters and publications. While much of the material is sketchy, the Bombay marriages and death lists are quite exhaustive. Data on marriages within the community in Bombay is culled four times in a year from the office of the Registrar of Marriages at the Bombay High Court and on interfaith unions from the Registrar of Marriages offices at Fort and Khar. There may be an inadvertent repetition of names in the marriage list when a civil marriage precedes a religious ceremony. The list of the deceased with the......

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I concur with the above two views.
- Arnavaz P Jal
- 20-Oct-2022

Request-Could you please print the names in bold letters? This seems to be all jumbled up especially if the eyes of elders are not too sharp.
- Rohinton Unwalla
- 23-Sep-2022

It would be nice to insert a blank line in between names or print the name of the deceased in Bold letters, this reading is confusing.
- Jhangoo M Daruwalla
- 22-Sep-2022

The matrimonial figures for Bombay reveal that there were 63 marriages for the period January 01, 2022 to September 10, 2022. Parsi marriages were 26 and Interfaith marriages 37 nearly more than around 45% of the Parsi marriages. As children of the Interfaith marriages are not accepted as Zoroastrians specially if the partner is a Muslim the population will continue to decrease. Many of the Interfaith marriages are taking place among the rich millionaire Parsis in which case the wealth of the Parsis is also fading away. The erstwhile deceased Mr Cyrus Mistry was married to a Muslim and his children are Muslims. There are many other instances. The world Zoroastrian Congress Party held in New York recently failed to address this and many major problems confronting the Community opting instead to delve on less controversial issues.
- Shapour B Badri
- 22-Sep-2022