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Wadia and the wards

Each month I read about personalities who have been benefactors of our community and of whom we should be proud. One person, I feel, has been completely forgotten: Dr Jehangir Wadia (pictured, Photo: Laughter in the House!). I recall my father telling me how poorly our B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital was doing until Wadia took on the challenge and wrote his plays to raise funds.  Having a great sense of humor, his plays were a grand success. As a young girl I used to go with my parents to watch them and, needless to say, found them hilarious. Dr Manek Pardiwalla always came on stage in a pram, wearing a jhabla. According to my father, Lady Tata once suggested that funds from the next play should go to Wadia. When he heard this, Wadia threatened to tear up all his plays. Years later, while I was seated in the car with my father at Lamington Road, a rather old and weary man came up and said, "Kèm (how are you doing) Sorab?” They chatted a bit, and when he left I was told he was Wadia. How can anyone forget a man like this?                           MEHROO S. KHAREGAT ...

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