Persis Khambatta’s legacy

I am a New York based filmmaker (award winning director of Ask the Sexpert and Made in India) working on my next project Persis, an ongoing documentary film exploring the legacy of the model-turned-actor Persis Khambatta (pictured). To many, she was the woman who turned heads as Lieutenant Ilia in the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), but to those from the South Asian and Parsi community, Khambatta’s pioneering journey across the globe was historic. If any Parsiana readers have known Khambatta as a friend or colleague, or were simply fans of hers and can share photographs or archival materials, I would like to hear from them. I could interview them to explore Khambatta’s life, work and ambitious journey, to define the legacy of a brilliant artist. You can read more about the documentary Persis at: I look forward to hearing from readers via email.                          VAISHALI SINHA ...

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