Bidding for opulence

Exquisite items from the estate of media magnate and philanthropist Muncherji Cama went on sale at a recent online auction
Text: Farrokh Jijina  Photos: AstaGuru

You could not miss it. The carved rosewood center table with a variegated white marble top from the estate of Muncherji N. Cama displayed at auction house AstaGuru’s Opulent Collections drew a lot of attention from viewers when Parsiana visited, just before the Collection went on sale on January 27-28, 2022. Dating from c 1870, the 32” tall table, 78” in diameter had a pierced-work apron with floral carving and rested on a base carved with fruit, floral arabesques and four winged-dragon feet. "At the present point in time, center tables of this size and opulence are rare,” stated the......

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