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Retrograde trend

The Jiyo Parsi scheme is commendable. However, one aspect that hinders marriages and is likely to render the movement ineffective has never been highlighted in the media. Since the last 15 to 20 years, Parsi parents in Bombay are checking the rashi (horoscopes) for compatibility. Especially when persons are Manglik (born under the influence of Mars), the parents prohibit marriage even if the couple is agreeable. Many marriages have been prevented due to this.  It is believed that a Manglik does not remain so after a certain age, but parents still forbid such unions. This new trend has been borrowed from the Hindus.  So many couples have lived long and happy married lives without knowing whether they are Manglik or not as formerly few used to check horoscopes. I feel there should be a campaign to stop this practice.          PHIROZE J. KUTAR ...

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