Synthetic stablility

Synthetic stablility A Tryst With Geosynthetics — Annual Lecture by Shahrokh Pallonji Bagli. Published in 2021 by Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt Ltd, Sabnam House, Plot No. A-15/16, Central Cross Road B, Behind MIDC, Andheri (East), Bombay 400093. Pp: 176. Price: Not mentioned. On April 12, 1831, the bridge collapsed. While a detachment of 74 men were returning to their barracks in Salford, United Kingdom, by way of the bridge, the soldiers, who were marching four abreast, felt it begin to vibrate in time with their footsteps, leading to its collapse. Another episode concerns a suspension bridge over the Maine River in Angers,......

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