Powered by the past

Finding fulfillment in their academic studies connected with the Zoroastrian religion and history, three scholars encourage the community to read relevant texts
Text: Parinaz M. Gandhi  Photos: Jasmine D. Driver

Members of the community — be they conservative or liberal, laypersons or priests, North Americans or Indians or Iranians — "are hungry for good information… That is what drives us, as academics, to try and fill the gaps,” commented Dr Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina. "This is the golden age of Zoroastrian studies, academic expansion,” declared Dr Jamsheed Choksy. "It is such an exciting time to do Zoroastrian studies. Neither be constrained nor be loyal. Just explore,” reiterated Dr Nerina Rustomji. The possibilities for further engagement with Zoroastrian scholarship and history were impressed on the audience attending The Khorshed F. Jungalwala Memorial......

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