The Prince and the Parsis

Though the inter-community riots involving Parsis triggered by the 1921 visit of the Prince of Wales lasted four days, the incidents are long forgotten
Farrokh Jijina

November 2021 marks a centenary of the "last time that Parsis were involved en masse in a communal fracas,” the Prince of Wales Riots. For at least four days, November 17 to 21, 1921, mobs roamed the streets of Parsi localities, while community members took it upon themselves to defend their property. Incidents of violence by Parsis were noted too. Historian and assistant professor at S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Dr Dinyar Patel notes that Hindus and Muslims were angry at the violations by Parsis of a strike that Mohandas Gandhi had called for on the day......

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