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Subscribers’ views on Parsiana/the community as expressed on the subscription renewal form are published. Unless another name is affixed to the remarks, Parsiana assumes they are written by the subscriber. A publication worth reading for its community news from all over the world. Every page has news and every article has a message. I anxiously await its arrival and I have received it on time even during the coronavirus pandemic. BOMI KAVINA Ankleshwar, Gujarat Please keep publishing and giving genuine Parsi updates.    RUZBE PESI LALLA Parsiana team, keep up the good work. The magazine is well researched and interesting and covers issues of interest to a wide spectrum of readers. We appreciate the sustained dedication of the editorial team!  Kudos to you! Brig. BEHRAM M. PANTHAKI (retd) and ZENOBIA PANTHAKI California, USA A dash of jokes, cartoons and Bawa humor per se would add to an already good magazine. Could include small quizzes on Zoroastrian related subjects — with free subscriptions to the first three respondents!                                                            RATAN F. SINGARA The editors reply: We do keep this aspect in mind but it’s not always feasible in a news and views publication. • • • Excellent reading. Keep it up!                                                               FIROZE A. WATCHA ...

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