Violations in eatery

"I had to go public with the story… It was shocking that this should have happened with a reputed restaurant... The public have a right to know,” Colaba resident Parvez Cooper told Parsiana on May 13, 2019. His 76-year-old mother-in-law Maharukh Irani (pictured) allegedly found a cockroach in food delivered to her by Kailash Parbat restaurant. Based on her and Cooper’s complaint, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) has reportedly found multiple violations at the eatery’s premises, noted the mid-day (MD) of May 8, 2019. The Corporation has served a notice on the outlet and written to the Food and Drug Administration to take further action. "The kitchen was in an unhygienic condition and the dustbin had no cover,” noted the mid-day (MD) report. Medical certificates from chefs, as required by the law, were also not obtained. The restaurant has been given "a few days to comply with the norms it has violated,” noted MD. "We will be replacing the dustbins and will comply with all of (BMC’s) directions,” noted Hargun Mulchandani, a member of the management of the restaurant. ...

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