M Pallonji

“Pure and strong”

A khushali nu jashan with social distancing and masking, and interaction with team members from the Jiyo Parsi (JP) project of Parzor marked the 112th salgirah of the Jal Phiroj Clubwala Dar-e-Meher (JPCD) in Madras on July 10, 2022, notes an email from the office of the president of the Madras Parsi Zarthosti Anjuman, Darius Bahadurji.         Top, jashan in progress to mark the salgirah of Jal Phiroj Clubwala Dar-e-Meher (top r);   above: enthusiastic community, Darius Bahadurji (seated 3rd from r)            From l: Gulnar Motishaw, Pearl Mistry, Bahadurji       "The flame burnt true and strong, offering the community its solace......

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