Wholesome dhansak

People all around the world may enjoy a variety of dishes, like a baby shark/ But bawajis we, most enjoy our kawabs, gor amli nu kachumber with dhansak. Be it India or abroad, come Sunday and we want our tikhu tamtamtu dhansak/ Just imagining it makes us happy; as for me, I feel like singing like a lark. In reality, dhansak is truly wholesome, believe me, my word you can mark/ Lentils (dals) it has several, added to these are many vegetables and many spices dark. Besides kawabs, chunks of goorwalu, charbidar (fatty) meat is the bright spark/ Then of course there is gor amli nu kachumber, with fresh fudina (mint), plucked from the park. Once on the table, after a prayer quick; there’s no get set go; you are already on your mark./ Our wholesome, mouthwatering dhansak gets a 10 on 10, cent percent marks.     ARMIN DUTIA MOTASHAW Ahmedabad armindutiamotashaw@gmail.com ...

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