The Parsi’s prayer

May the cholesterol devil never keep you from/ The eedas on your bheeda./ May your plate be full of sali ma margi./ May you drink your fill and dance with glee/ Cause we all celebrate being a Parsi. Do not to your doctor go/ Asking if you can eat malido; Refuse not malai na khaja/ Instead, khai pi né karo majhaa. Afraid of cholesterol do not be/ Boldly devour your akuri./ And heart attacks do not scare me/ As I eye my jalebee I can come to no harm/ Thanks to Parsi Dairy Farm/ And when I sleep, I soundly dream/ Of K. Rustom icecream.                                                       FARROKH MEHTA ...

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DElightful! Soooo Parsi!
- Sunnu Golwalla
- 15-Mar-2023


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