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“From dadgah to dargah”

The letters titled "From dadgah to dargah” (Readers’ Forum, Parsiana, September 21, 2014) written by Nauzer Bana of Sydney and Roda Hakim of Baroda were interesting. I agree with Bana that "if fellow Zoroastrians visit alternative places of worship… it does not make that person a bad human or any less of a Zoroastrian.” We are the most liberal community in India, but even so I do not see any need to lean on any other religion for help, solace, relief, emancipation or salvation. No less than 30 times in the five Gathas does Ahura Mazda tell Zoroaster: "The Mazdayasni religion that I have created is self-sufficient, cleanest of clean, and self-reliant. There is nothing in it which you will find in the other religions (it implies the presence of other religions, howsoever rudimentary)… and at the time of resurrection, when the other religions sink into oblivion, my Mazdayasni religion will remain intact.” The Lord suggests that we "look inward.” So respect all religions, but lean only on our hoary one.          B. T. DASTUR...

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