Ashdeen’s artistry

The opening of his Bombay store marks designer Ashdeen Lilaowala’s decade in the revival and contemporization of the gara
Farrokh Jijina

Pleasing pastel shades of pale pink and pistachio green dominate the interiors. Plate glass windows with golden leaves on them let in the sunlight and the greenery from the trees outside. An uncluttered reception area with a white wooden surajmukhi (sunburst patterned) cupboard welcomes guests as does a console table that on the day of the opening was adorned with a traditional ses. Over the console hangs a piece of wall art in pale shades of blue and white, embellished with the designer’s favorite motif — the crane. His loyal clientele will flock to couturier Ashdeen Lilaowala’s newly opened outlet,......

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