The reduction of Ripon

Despite dwindling membership and revenue, the Ripon Club says it will continue to deny women full membership

Only around 150 members are active” out of a supposed 765, stated trustee and chairman of the managing committee of the Ripon Club (RC), Xerxes Dastur. He was addressing around 25 members at the 134th and 135th annual general meeting (AGM) held on the third floor of the Club premises on June 15, 2022. The onslaught of Covid presumably prevented the previous year’s AGM from being held. The 138-year-old RC earned a profit of Rs 9,99,104 (USD 12,761) in the financial year 2020-2021, after incurring a loss of Rs 7,17,255 (USD 9,161) the year before, states their annual report. Income increased......

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