Bombay: The Telling Figures for 2022

The percentage of intercommu-nity marriages in 2022 rose to 47.5 from 46% in the preceding year. Of the total 160 marriages 84 were Parsi marriages and 76 intercommunity marriages. Of those who had married out in 2022, the males numbered 46 or 61% as compared to 30 females. Last year of the total 153 marriages, 83 were Parsi and 70 intercommunity, and males accounted for 59% of the interfaith component. Even though the oldest woman to get married was 90 years old, the average age of brides reduced from 31 years in 2021 to 30 years in 2022. The youngest to......

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Very depressing. 59 births compared to 739 deaths as per the data. Simply put for every birth there was 13 deaths. Marriages totaled 160 out which 84 were Parsi and 76 Inter community signifying that for every Parsi marriage there was one Inter community marriage.Inter community marriages children are not accepted into the fold specially if the partner is a Mussalman,the Parsi before marriage has to convert and become a Mussalman before the marriage can take place. According to a report by FEZANA the total Zoroastrian population in India is about 46,000 decreasing fast.Visit any Parsi colony one can hardly see children playing the sight being old people moving around. The priests like Nero are playing the fiddle while their flocks decline. Most Parsi properties have been encroached and others targeted specially those belonging to old people who have no inherent. In a decade the Parsi population will be less than 10,000. Wonder who will pay the priests playing the fiddle and their pay
- Shapour B Badri
- 12-Mar-2023