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The great divide

 We have remained a closed shop for centuries following the prolonged persecution by the Arab conquerors in Iran, as also in India. During the 190-year British rule and 70 years after Independence, we have faced no intrusion or persecution. There’s no reason to be a closed shop by not permitting non-Parsis entry to our fire temples. The most obnoxious closed shop attitude persists at our Towers of Silence where we segregate the Parsi and non-Parsi assemblage, and deny the non-Parsis a glimpse of the faces of our dead. Are their glances going to obstruct the "onward journey" of our dead?......

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It is worthy to note that the Indian Parsi Zoroastrian diaspora abroad is accepting children of non Zoroastrian spouses and undertaking their sudra kusti. Zoroastrians from Kurdistan, Tajikistan, Russia and converts who have undergone Sudra Kusti are now considered as Zoroastrian. The Parsi Zoroastrian and those against this trend are being reduced to a small minority. The Indian Parsi Zoroastrian community numbers in India are decreasing but the diaspora numbers are increasing specially in North America and elsewhere.
- Shapour B Badri
- 10-Feb-2019


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