Books and benevolence

The Bai Ratanbai Gharda Memorial Library built in memory of his book-loving mother by Dr Keki Gharda is a haven for students and those who wish to read
Text and Photos: Farrokh Jijina

One of the earliest memories of industrialist and philanthropist Dr Keki Gharda is that of his mother Ratanbai telling him while cooking: "It is your duty to make as much money as you can, but you have to die poor.” The 89-year-old founder chairman and managing director of Gharda Chemicals Limited (GCL) was instructed to "make money honestly and then donate it,” he said to Parsiana at a meeting late last year. The Bai Ratanbai Gharda Memorial Library, one among his many charities, is housed in the glass-fronted Gharda House, headquarters of GCL, on Bombay’s Hill Road.  "I may go......

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