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To have and have not

The controversy that has erupted on social media over the tenancy and usage of the reported 1.6 acre Ghaswalla Bungalow (GB) complex in Poona is another stark reminder of the problems faced by trusts managing community property. In the past, the tussle would have remained largely between the trust and the tenant/licensee. But now with the ubiquitous presence of chat groups, anyone, anywhere, with even a modicum of interest in community matters is informed of each twist and turn. On the evening of August 11, 2022 when the recently elected vice chairman of the Poona Parsee Panchayat (PPP) Yezdi......

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The 54 adarians, atash-behrams, dadgahs, etc. in Mumbai now serve a Parsi population of about 45,000 in the city. That means each of these places of worship serves on average under 850 individuals. Considering the demographics of this population, it is a certainty that a large proportion of this number are physically incapable of visiting these temples with any degree of regularity. if at all. It is not a sustainable situation. Parsiana is wise to advocate clear-eyed and unsentimental actions by the community before it is too late to take any actions at all.
- Porus Cooper
- 19-Sep-2022


Villoo Poonawalla