Religion, not race

Misconceptions and prejudices must be dispelled to preserve and spread Zarathushtra’s universal message
Meheryar N. Rivetna

The Bombay Parsi community is rightly concerned about the perpetuation of our great faith. To make their point, they strike at the Zoroastrians of North America, UK and Australia as the despoilers of Zarathushtra’s teachings and principles. It behooves all Zoroastrians to dispel their prejudices, misconceptions, inadequate knowledge of the religion and be united in understanding the true facts enshrined in Zarathushtra’s teachings to ensure the survival of the religion. I address some commonly misunderstood aspects here. Some believe that allowing conversion to the Zoroastrian faith is "a travesty of our most sacred and fundamental rituals.” They claim this is "validated by......

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Mr. Rivetna,

The concluding line of your thoughtful article sums it all up: "The religion will survive if Zarathushtra’s teachings are not corrupted with irrational, irreligious ideas that contravene his principles."

There is an urgent need to launch educational intervention programs to overcome the stagnant "reformist/orthodox" divide that is polarizing the community. There is a need to re-educate the Parsi community
in fundamental Zoroastrian teachings.

Thank you!
- Yezdyar Kaoosji
- 25-Jun-2022