“A friend for life”

Recently retired Supreme Court Judge Rohinton Nariman who is also a priest and scholar of Zoroastrianism referred to his study of the Gathas with "a lawyer’s mind being applied to the text” (see "A friend for life,” Events and Personalities, Parsiana, December 7-20, 2021).” He concluded that "Zoroastrianism does not lay down ‘do’s and don’ts’,” but rather it asks individuals to "do as you think and whatever you think is correct. Thus, Zoroastrianism is like "The King’s Ring” — fit for every change and chance. This, indeed, makes man the master of his ship, free to sail to any shore, to face all consequences — pleasant and unpleasant. Whatever "heaven” and "hell” may be, our fate is decided only by us and not by an external god or deity sitting in judgment and "deciding” what is, in fact, our unalterable destiny and our just desserts.                        PHIROZE B. JAVERI phiroze.javeri@gmail.com...

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