“The Cercuz — II”

In his column "The Cercuz — II” (Parsiana, April 7-20, 2022) Berjis Desai has referred to the "late Nariman Mehta of Nowroz Baug.” Mehta is still alive. Also, there is an error in the year of the establishing of the Dadysett Atash Behram in the footnote to the article on the 200th anniversary celebrations of the N. C. Narielvala Agiary ("The milk of the coconut,” Parsiana, May 7-20 2022). The correct year is 1783 AC and not 1738. MARZBAN GIARA Navsari marzbang@gmail.com Berjis Desai responds: I regret the error about Nariman Mehta. Marzban Giara’s eye for detail is simply amazing. The editors reply: Parsiana regrets the error regarding the incorrect date of the Dadysett Atash Behram. ...

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