Hotel Atithi

Born free!

It seems some scholars/ As well religious leaders/ Have become lion tamers/ Holding Zoroastrian women/ In cages by not treating/ Them with respect/ As well as dignity/ As though they are/ Circus animals. I can almost hear/ Asho Zarathushtra say:/ "I am not impressed by your/ Money position or titles/ But I am impressed by/  How one treats others.” The attitude towards women/ Has to change/ By wearing priestly robes/ Performing ceremonies/ Praying near the holy fire/ Is sheer sacrilege. Rise up ye women folk/ Take destiny in your own hands/ And stop acting like meek little lambs. Great Leaders do not/ Set out to be a leader/ They set out to make/ A  difference. It’s never about the role/ Always about the goal (Lisa Haisha). Heed the message.                   FARIDA BAMJI Canada ...

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